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Your system winter ready!

Prevent Damage and act correctly!

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WhatsApp Image 2021-09-11 at 16.57.42 (5).jpeg

Frost free

If you choose to have us winterize your system, you will no longer have to worry about winter. We ensure that your system is fully winterized, so there is virtually no risk of frost damage.

100% Guarantee

Should your system still suffer frost damage after we have prepared your system for winter. Then we will repair this damage free of charge. That's our 100% guarantee.

NB! The warranty expires if there was already damage to the system before our arrival and/or if you have made changes to the system yourself after we have prepared the system for winter.

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Service maintenance

When we come by to prepare your system for winter, we also check the following points:


  • State of maintenance regarding pump.

  • State of maintenance with regard to the sprinklers/drip hose.

  • Condition of any other parts of your installation


If your system needs maintenance, we will of course always discuss this with you first

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Everyone is equal!

We think it is important that every customer is treated equally with us. That is why we charge the same rate for everyone for the work in question. Regardless of where you live or your business is located. Maybe not very profitable, but so neat. Service and honesty are our top priorities.

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