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Malfunction... Let's fix that!

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Malfunction of your system, pump, or leakage? Then you want this to be solved quickly, We are always there for you

Report a fault

Do you want to report a malfunction? Call the emergency number: +31 6 49 43 11 06 (24 / 7)

What can you do yourself?

Prevent damage, and act right!

  • Leakage? Unplug all plugs and close the ball valves.

  • Electronic failure or short circuit? Remove the plugs and contact us. 

  • Too much pressure on your system? Unplug the plugs.

  • Broken nozzle? Turn off your system.

  • Pump makes a strange noise? Pull the plug.

  • Pump is very hot? Unplug.

Contact us.

For a malfunction that can wait, please fill out the form below. Can't wait for a malfunction? Then call the above fault number.

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