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iron removal installations

You do not have to depend on a tap water supplier for clean water. With the iron removal installations of R&R Irrigation Installations you purify your own groundwater that is pumped from your own water source. An iron removal installation filters iron and manganese from the groundwater, so that the quality of the water is more than sufficient for irrigating your garden or as drinking water for livestock.

Depending on the application, removing iron from groundwater is already sufficient in many situations to have good quality groundwater.

Iron content in groundwater analysis

The correct iron removal installation can only be selected if we know which substances/minerals are present in which concentrations in the groundwater. That is why a water sample is taken beforehand. This water sample is sent by us to a  independent laboratory sent for analysis.


Analyzing groundwater is important because this water often contains high concentrations of iron and manganese. If the pumped up groundwater contains too much of these substances, this will cause, among other things, a brown or black discoloration on your plants or paving. It can also lead to clogging of the pipes. Based on the test results, we select the right iron removal installation.

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