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Our story

We are a total installer, as our name indicates, specialized in the construction of sprinkler systems. We work for both private and business clients.

We make your garden easier to keep track of. By means of our techniques you hardly have to do anything in your garden with regard to watering. By means of partial automation or full automation you give the work away to our installations.

The activities we mainly deal with are:


  • Design of your installation.

  • Construction of a completely new installation.

  • Adaptations of existing installations.

  • Problem cases (setting up an installation that has not been realized by us.)

  • Winterizing an installation.

  • Preparing an installation for summer.

  • Water sources pulse.

  • Connect water vouchers.

  • Iron removal installations.

  • Malfunctions.

In short, we realize everything regarding your sprinkler system!

Do you have questions about our services? You can always contact us!

Meet  our team.

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